What to Do When Your AC Unit Isn't Working Properly

If your indoor air conditioner fan isn't working, the first step is to check if the switch has been triggered. If everything is in order, inspect the air filter. If it's blocked, you may be able to fix it yourself. If there is ice in the evaporator coil and refrigerant lines, let the ice melt and check if the fan is working.

If it still doesn't work, the coil may have frozen. This requires a service call, as the technician may need to replace the contacts of the fan relay, the fan belt, or even the motor itself. Other common causes of an air conditioner not working include dirty or blocked air filters. In some cases, there may be issues with the compressor or refrigerant, resulting in the air conditioner not blowing air, not turning on, or simply not appearing to work correctly. If you can't identify the problem yourself, it's best to call a professional for help.

After repairing your air conditioning system, make sure that your local Sears air conditioning specialist comes by every year for a maintenance check. This will help guarantee that your AC unit is running optimally and efficiently.